Juice Review: Smotherbox from Venum Vapur

The Immoral Elixirs line from Venum Vapur tends to ride on the more decadent line of flavors.  Sweet and sinful, and Smotherbox is no exception. Take a moment to go to Google and search the term "Smotherbox", if you don't know what it means.  Go ahead...I'll wait... Soo....this tastes nothing like that.  Instead, this Smotherbox... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Safeword from Venum Vapur

Creative flavors that keep people from smoking.  That's the thought behind Venum Vapur, especially in their new line called "Immoral Elixirs".  As a dedication to one of his business partners, this was their freedom of expression via a new juice line just prior to the August 8th FDA regulations.  This one in particular, called Safeword,... Continue Reading →

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