Juice Review: HERS from The Couple That Vapes

"A Sweet Peach and Creamy Melon Delight" We just took a look at HIS, with a New England style flavor.  Very savory flavor without overwhelming on sweetness.  She is originally from Virginia, so her flavor fits very well with a sweet fruit flavor, almost like a tasty drink. Here's what I mean: Flavor: Sweet natural... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: HIS from The Couple that Vapes

"A delectable oatmeal sugar cookie with caramel drizzle" Part of what I love about these two juices is that they appeal to every single flavor profile out on the market.  HIS appeals towards the baked dessert, more savory style flavor pallet.  It also leans heavily towards a more New England flavor profile too. Here's what... Continue Reading →

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