Juice Review: Graham Cracker Crush from Smokeless Aces

Another awesome flavor from Smokeless Aces, here is Graham Cracker Crush. "This will remind you of your childhood when we used to eat a lot of Graham Crackers with a bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream only now more tasty with Vanilla Custard on top" Flavor: So this sounds simple.  Graham Cracker with Vanilla Custard, right?  Well...let's... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Muddy Buddy from Smokeless Aces

Being from the South, there are a few essentials to Southern living that one cannot go without.  One of those is "Pecan Pie". Smokeless Aces brought it with this flavor.  Here is a quick summary of what they list on the website: "A special mix of Hazelnut, Butter Pecan and a hint of Coffee. This... Continue Reading →

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