Juice Review: Gold Tobacco from Slam Cake Vapes

Let's take a quick flashback to before vaping.  For a lot of us, the familiarity of a cigarette was something that was unmistakable.  The sweet nutty inhale of tobacco mixed with the tangy aroma of the exhale...all the while, chemicals were slowly filling your body with poison. Most of us were either unaware or simply... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Morning from Slam Cake Vapes

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to wake up on Saturday mornings with a bowl of cereal and watch cartoons.  Some of the greatest cartoons in recent memory came from the late 80's, along with great breakfast cereal.  The people at Slam Cake Vapes decided to try and capture at... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: Slam Cake from Slam Cake Vapes

I thought with yesterday being my birthday, this would be a fitting juice to try out and discuss.  A "slam cake" by itself is not a thing, but what these guys created...well...just read for yourself. "Slam Cake.  The flavor that started the buzz.  The eliquid that took Vape Summit Houston 2015 by storm.  A combination... Continue Reading →

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