Juice Review: Lemon Berry from Old Fashioned Elixirs

I find it a little ironic to come across a flavor with a few companies at the same time.  Something off the beaten path, but several approaches to the same end result. Case in point, Lemon Berry from Old Fashioned Elixirs. "Refreshing tart lemon mingles with a sweet medley of berries for a refreshing all-day... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Apple Pie from OFE (Old Fashioned Elixirs)

Something about this Old Fashioned Elixirs speaks to my flavor profile.  Delicious desert flavors that have a field day on the pallet, and this one was no exception. Here's what the website had to say about their Apple Pie flavor: "Freshly-picked apples blend with sweet cinnamon, savory spices, and a touch of rich, buttery crust to deliver... Continue Reading →

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