Juice Review: Vanilla Bean from Nitro’s Cold Brew

To round out the selection from Nitro's Cold Brew, we finish with a selection that seemed to be the most fitting out of all three.  While I wouldn't expect menthol with a macchiato or white chocolate mocha, a vanilla bean with menthol just seems to fit. "Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee E-Liquid presents their rich iced... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: White Chocolate Mocha from Nitro’s Cold Brew

Not to be one to turn down a coffee flavor, I thought I would jump right into this one.  Despite the obvious attention at Vape Showcase in Dallas as "World's First Cold Brew", the real MVP was this white chocolate mocha flavor.  It was so popular, it ended up winning "Best Beverage" award.  Not too... Continue Reading →

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