Juice Review: Rosedale from Moshi

I have never in my life vaped a chocolate flavor.  Never-ever-ever-ever.  Not to say that they are terrible, but I just haven't found many companies that offer chocolate flavors.  If they do, there is often another flavor that piques my interest "A delicious milk chocolate aroma fills the mouth on the intake. Notes of hazelnut... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Leslieville from Moshi

Leslieville is a middle class neighborhood in Toronto.  I didn't really understand how a fresh fruit cocktail tied into a middle class neighborhood, but I guess the mix of different flavors kind of ties everything together. "An orchard of flavour, Leslieville has the crispness of a fresh apple, the tangy smack of wild berries, and... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: High Park from Moshi

Moshi, moshi, moshi.  I love saying that word. For those of you who haven't had a chance to check out my show on Vapers.TV, I talked about the entire Moshi product line for their Cloud Edition.  One of the products featured is called "High Park". High Park itself is a 399 acre park located in... Continue Reading →

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