Juice Review: Bomberry Shake from Milkshake Liquids

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is taking a trip to Cook Out for just a blueberry milkshake.  Typically I will get blueberry cheesecake, but every once in a while I will change it up.  There is something about that tangy fruit flavor mixed with a soft serve that works on even cold days like... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Shammy Shake from Milkshake Liquids

Fall is starting to set in, but some people are already thinking ahead to spring.  Warmer climate, more sunlight, and...shamrock shakes??  McDonald's has produced their Shamrock Shakes to a worldwide phenomenon success.  This vanilla ice cream and mint syrup mix has captivated the world almost as much as pumpkin pie flavored everything! Milkshake Liquids has... Continue Reading →

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