Juice Review: Soco from Snob Juice

This is actually a reply to someone's question in the We Vape/#snobjuice, where somebody wanted to know what Soco was like. Well...here ya go! I wondered the same thing, as I haven't found anyone who put out a whiskey and Coke.  Period. "Our only whiskey vape, this is what we call a soco.  Made to... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Nana Pudding from Liquivana

Surprisingly enough, this is not the first banana pudding flavor I have talked about.  It's one of those flavors, though, that hits home.  Ever since I was a kid, banana pudding has been an essential part of any family gatherings. Liquivana has this listed for their flavor profile:  Nana Pud’n with whipped cream and vanilla wafers... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: Mocha Joe from Liquivana

I'm starting out my posts on Liquivana with a flavor that should seem quite obvious.  Of course I would start with a coffee flavor.... "Solid flavor for the coffee lovers with a subtle decadent chocolate undertone. This is our signature flavor that even the vapers who don’t drink coffee love! By far the best coffee... Continue Reading →

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