Juice Review: Meringue Bang by Juice Maniac

"The powerful pastry explosion may give you shell shock, but the sugary lemon goodness will carry you home" Oh man, this was a fun one.  I already have a lot of confidence in Juice Maniac from the previous few posts I have done.  Unpredictable may be stating it lightly, but I really like how bold... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Strawtassium by Juice Maniac

"Strawtassium is a brutal new death metal band.  Actually, it's a smooth new custard blend, strawberries and bananas, blended delicately into a mellow custard vape" So this is the 3rd post I have done for this juice line, and I will go ahead and admit it.  These guys have some serious balls.  They don't just... Continue Reading →

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