Juice Review: Sinful Custard from Hardknock Hooligans

Custard fans!!  Lemme hear you guys!! So far, I have found a wide variety of custards with some strange flavor combinations under the sun.  This shows the versatility of the custard on all ranges of juice combinations. However...I have never found something like this... "While it’s true that not all things in life are good... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Blarney Stone by Hardknock Hooligans

Irish lesson #2: What is a Blarney Stone?? According to legend, kissing the blarney stone grants the user the gift of gab.  Better at flattery, better at eloquence, this feat is no easy challenge.  But the gifts of the victor are well worth the efforts.  The Blarney Stone is located in the Blarney Castle." However, this... Continue Reading →

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