Juice Review: Honeyfuckle from Freebird Vapors

I have been debating for a long time on what to do with this article. ┬áPart of it is because this is my 100th article on this blog, so I wanted to do something extra special. The other part is "What the hell can I say about a juice called Honeyfuckle??" So let me explain.... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Limelight by Freebird Vapors

If you have been following this page or know anything about Freebird Vapors, you know that Good Morning Manhattan is a solid juice.  It is not everyday that you find a multi layered, multi flavored juice that is executed as well as that. Do yourself a favor and step into the Limelight... "A COMPLEX AND LAYERED BLEND OF EXOTIC LIME... Continue Reading →

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