Juice Review: GCC from Five Fold Vapor

"A smooth, warm, buttery vanilla custard. What goes better with custard than some crushed up graham crackers? Heres the curve ball.. we finish it off with a couple butterscotch chips and a slight drizzle of maple syrup. Are you ready for your new favorite juice?" What's up guys?  I wrote previously on the Carnival flavor... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Carnival from Five Fold

Summer months are just around the corner, and that means festivals.  Lots of festivals.  If it is anything like here in the South, you have lots of fried foods.  Fried pickles, fried Snickers, fried cheesecake....or in the case of Carnival from Five Fold....fried ice cream. As a blogger, I don't like dedicating a lot of... Continue Reading →

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