Juice Review: Scoops by Nephos

"Sweet, smooth, rich, and creamy.  A wonderfully wicked blend of mixed fruits and frozen cream.  Some may compare it to Tutti Fruitti, others simply to a sweet vaping dream" They did it!  As part of the trifecta of flavors offered at this year's VapeMania, Nephos offered this tasty little morsel.  Offering a sweet and fruity... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Pixels by Nephos

I talked about these guys before, about how they made their debut about a week before VapeMania.  I'm going to tell you that these guys could definitely end up going places with their juices... Take for example: Pixels "Sweet and tart, simply delicious.  Conjure up memories of old-time candy shop sweets with this light vape... Continue Reading →

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