Juice Review: Strawmelon Max by Earth’s Bounty

I have to admit something to you guys.  I have been sitting on this one for a couple of weeks now, completely stumped on how to present this to you.  Maybe my tongue is getting confused, but I am having a hard time putting this into words. Let's start with the basics.  What is Strawmelon? ... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Gladiator Max from Earth’s Bounty

"A wonderful mix of juicy peach, tart blueberries, and sweet strawberries" You withstood the treacherous Bear Poo in all of it's golden glory...(god that sounded wrong....) You endured the rich depth and flavor of Magic City Custard (okay, that's a little better...) You even defeated the might Purple Cow...(wait...what??) Here comes....GLADIATOR MAX!!! So here we... Continue Reading →

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