Juice Review: 100 Proof from Michigan Moonshine

I have been intrigued by the line at Michigan Moonshine for a while now.  The simplicity of the labels and flavor tends to stand out as a product that speaks for itself.  This one in particular really stood out to me, called 100 Proof.  The naming seemed odd to me, considering the flavor profile of "caramel,... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Blueberry Pomegranate from Smoothie Monster

I met Tom and the wonderful guys from E-cig Outlet and Michigan Moonshine at ECC a couple months ago, and possibly some of the most genuine people I have ever met.  The thing that really seemed to impress me is that he didn't try to talk me through the juice.  He simply said "Start with... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: Cake from D-Zerts

Lemon is an automatic "no" for a lot of people when it comes to vaping.  Whether it's a Fruit Loops flavor with a oddly tart finish or something that uses lemon to it's fullest advantage, a lot of people tend to frown upon it.  So understandably, you can understand my reluctance to try this one,... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: Cappuccino from D-Zerts

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to meet the awesome people from e-cigoutlet.net, a company from out in Michigan.  They have quite a few incredible flavors in their Great Lakes line, Smoothie Monster, and this one called D-Zerts. This cappuccino flavor is described like this: "A caramel butterscotch cappuccino with a hint of... Continue Reading →

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