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Juice Review: Cyborg Plasma by Cyber Liquids

So we are getting towards the end of the Cyber line.  I told you about the Cookie Dough/Custard wonderland in “Vader”, the coffee haven in “Café Royale”, the crisp “Cipher Jax”, and the surprisingly tasty “Supernova”. Here is what the website had listed for “Cyborg Plasma”. “A watermelon jolly […]

Juice Review: Supernova by Cyber Liquids

After already sampling the first three Cyber Liquids, I thought for sure I would start hitting on the “bad” side of their vape line. Boy was I wrong…Enter the Supernova!!! If you go the website, you will see the following for the description:  “Supernova or an exploding star […]

Juice Review: VADER by Cyber E-liquids

“Puff, breath, puff, breath…Luke….I am your vapor…..” Okay, so my name isn’t Luke.  But regardless the statement above accurately describes this incredible juice.  As part of my Zamplebox for the month of August, I received this delectable little treat. First off, let’s get to the specs on this so […]