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Juice Review: Overdraft from Broke Dick

So I had the opportunity to check out this flavor at it’s inception all the way through the final product, which you can read below. Confidential Files #1: BDO v1.97 Confidential Files: BDO v2.09 Confidential Files – BDO (Final Version???) However, this is what the finished product is […]

Confidential Files: BDO v2.09

So as much as I tried to keep the anonymity on this, this is yet another flavor in process from Broke Dick.  They kind of let the cat out of the bag with posting the previous article on their Facebook page.  With the way these guys are listening […]

Juice Review: The 1st from Broke Dick

So the last flavor I tried was pretty impressive, without even taking into accountability the price.  I decided to take it upon myself to make a purchase and see what else Broke Dick had to offer. First, let’s start with…the 1st (see what I did there…??) “Fresh strawberries […]

Juice Review: PayDay from Broke Dick

It’s Monday morning, and if yours are anything like mine after a payday, the first thing you think to yourself is “Man…I hate being broke.”  You might even call yourself a broke dick.  That is where Broke Dick steps in.  2 x 120ml bottles for $22.  You can’t beat this […]