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Juice Review: Puff Tarts

This is a tough one to talk about, simply because there is so much against companies that have possible copyright infringement.  I don’t necessarily support the companies that produce these juices, but I am intrigued as to whether or not they make something remotely close to what they […]

Juice Review: Berry Crunch Custard

So somebody asked me today if I ever get sick of trying cereal vapes.  My response was “No, because they are all different”.  This was no exception. Here is what the website said about the flavor: “Berry Crunch cereal and Vanilla Custard” I have to say that I […]

Juice Review: Rock the Bed by Carnegie

I hadn’t tried these guys before, but just take a minute and look at that bottle.  That’s just a gorgeous label design, don’t you think?? Rock the Bed is one of the newest in Smoke Crossroads signature blend called Carnegie.  At the time of posting this article, though, […]