Juice Review: FRZN APPLE from BLVK Unicorn

About two weeks ago, I got incredibly sick.  Allergies and sinus infection started turning into something much much worse.  Like a lot of vapers, I wanted to lean onto something with a little menthol to soothe my cough and help me to relax.  Oddly enough, this is what I leaned on. Here is what the... Continue Reading →


Video Review: BLVK Unicorn – Wyte line

Juice Review: UniCoCo from BLVK Unicorn Juice Review: UniCake from BLVK Unicorn Juice Review: UNI-NUTS from BLVK Unicorn Click the link below to check out BLVK Unicorn flavors and all they have to offer.  More video reviews coming soon!!

Juice Review: UniCoCo from BLVK Unicorn

When I saw the name "UniCoCo", I was slightly confused on what I was about to partake in.  I thought at first it was a chocolate flavor and had to double check the flavor card.  Instead this went with the other obvious flavor choice, in that of "coconut" "Crisp and juicy pear slices combined with... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: UniCake from BLVK Unicorn

"A delicious crumble cake baked to perfection and blended with a fresh handful of blueberries guaranteed to make those mouths water with envy!" Back a few years ago, my wife worked at a co-op grocery store that regularly featured fresh, unique bakery delights.  One of my favorites on a Sunday morning were blueberry scones.  Despite... Continue Reading →

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