Juice Review: Never Say Pie from Banzai Vapors

"Yarrrrr! This be some of the purest liquid gold we've ever stumbled upon! One Eyed Willy himself would give his other eye to be so lucky to vape this fine baked dessert flavor! We set sails on the high seas to bring you a one of a kind experience of apples, crust, sugar, spices and... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Milk Plus from Banzai Vapors

A Clockwork Orange.  A classic to many film buffs, including myself.  Quite possibly one of Kubrick's best works.  In the film, there is a drink called the "Moloko Plus".  It is a concoction comprising of milk plus drugs, including some barbituates.  The main characters drank it as a way to prepare themselves for the mayhem... Continue Reading →

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