Juice Review: Ja-Mon-G from Bad Modder Fogger

When I revisited my old friends at Bad Modder Fogger, I wasn't expecting to see a total redesign of their marketing.  Gone are (most) of the white label bottles and now replaced with colorful cartons and a unique story to go with each flavor.  I was particularly intrigued by this one, called "Ja-Mon-G". The flavor... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: No. 4 from The Refined

August 8th, and another amazing line gets released.  This time from Bad Modder Fogger. The Refined is a line of juice, named after the Refinery shop in downtown Greensboro.  The guys at Bad Modder Fogger take great care in producing high quality product, so it's no surprise that I wanted to try this.  I actually... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: The Buster from Bad Modder Fogger

This pretty little bottle made me very reluctant from the beginning because of one word.  "Strawberry".  I have to be very very careful with any strawberry blend because of my allergy to "ripe strawberry" flavors. Here is what Bad Modder Fogger's website lists as the flavor: "This twisted strawberry blend breaks all the rules. This one... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: Fredgie from Bad Modder Fogger

Caramelized Nutty Tobacco.  This has been done again and again by so many companies, but it's a tried and true flavor.  Much like another one in the Bad Modder Fogger line (we will get into in another article....) Here is what the website says about Fredgie: (currently unavailable) Flavor: Let's start with the tobacco.  I always... Continue Reading →

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