Juice Review: Watermelon Charged from Firefly Orchard

In my constant search for unique flavors, this is definitely one that deserves the title "unique".  A watermelon that's charged with...lemonade.  This sparks a huge list of questions.  Is this a candy watermelon?  Will the watermelon make the lemonade sweeter or more tart? "Watermelons and lemons create a blend that captures summertime in a bottle"... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Blueberries and Creme from Mimi’s French Toast

Breakfast vapes are usually limited to just cereal flavors.  For the more hardcore breakfast fans, though, there are other options available.  This is probably the second example I have found of "French Toast" flavors on the market today.  If you haven't tried a french toast flavor before...well you might just be in for a treat.... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: Miss Samoa from FAQ

With the fall season just around the corner, taste buds start to gravitate in a different direction.  For some, it's pumpkin flavored _____ (you fill in the blank) while others leap straight to Christmas tastes. For me, though, I think about the Girl Scout cookie season starting up.  Specifically, it's the Samoan cookies. These tasty... Continue Reading →

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