Juice Review: McKinley by Adirondack Vapor

"A soothing chai tea is followed up with slight hints of spice and creaminess to create a wonderfully relaxing blend.  Creates milky thick clouds of fresh smelling vapor." So, I have told you guys about how my allergies have been acting up a bit lately.  One of my usual remedies for such sickness is to... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Elbrus by Adirondack Vapor

"Tangy orange is mixed with bits of mango, a hint of papaya, strawberry, and notes of other fruit.  Elbrus is finished with a mild cooling exhale.  Very refreshing and sweet!" Guys, for the last couple of days I have felt like absolute crap.  Between the huge cold front that came in towards the weekend last... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: Aneto by Adirondack Vapor

So we're back to the Saturday morning battle of the breakfast cereals.  It still intrigues me the number of companies that attempt to recreate their favorite bowl of fruity/sweet/golden goodness. Then Aneto stepped into the picture.... "A tangy, sweet colorful cereal explosion of flavor that will bring you back to your childhood! Silly rabbit, Aneto... Continue Reading →

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