So let’s add some depth to this blog, shall we?? I wanted to start adding some articles about my personal life into vaping/smoking, and what brought me into this immense world.  Excuse me for being long winded in what I am writing but there is quite a bit […]

Juice Review: Space Pudding by Stellar

By this point, just from the name alone, you are probably asking yourself a very important and very challenging question.  If not, I will ask the question for you. …ready??” “WHAT the $%&? is Space Pudding?!?!” (heh, you’re welcome). Space Pudding is actually a banana pudding flavor by […]

Juice profile/Zamplebox tags

So you decided to get into vaping.  You may (or may not) have found a device that suits you and your personal vaping style.  That’s only about 25% of the entire equation.  The rest is figuring out what type of juice to purchase. If you search on the […]

Juice Review: Cyborg Plasma by Cyber Liquids

So we are getting towards the end of the Cyber line.  I told you about the Cookie Dough/Custard wonderland in “Vader”, the coffee haven in “Café Royale”, the crisp “Cipher Jax”, and the surprisingly tasty “Supernova”. Here is what the website had listed for “Cyborg Plasma”. “A watermelon jolly […]