Juice Review: Pixels by Nephos

I talked about these guys before, about how they made their debut about a week before VapeMania.  I’m going to tell you that these guys could definitely end up going places with their juices… Take for example: Pixels “Sweet and tart, simply delicious.  Conjure up memories of old-time […]

Juice Review: Aneto by Adirondack Vapor

So we’re back to the Saturday morning battle of the breakfast cereals.  It still intrigues me the number of companies that attempt to recreate their favorite bowl of fruity/sweet/golden goodness. Then Aneto stepped into the picture…. “A tangy, sweet colorful cereal explosion of flavor that will bring you […]

Juice Review: Cumulus by Phat Clouds

“A Creamy Vanilla Custard Infused with Ripe Bananas and Peanut Butter.” Damn you, custard!!  You and your tastiness!!! Guys, I can’t put it any clearer than this.  If it has custard, chances are almost certain that I will like it!!  Phat Clouds really pulled it off here with […]


So let’s add some depth to this blog, shall we?? I wanted to start adding some articles about my personal life into vaping/smoking, and what brought me into this immense world.  Excuse me for being long winded in what I am writing but there is quite a bit […]