Juice Review: White Chocolate Mocha from Nitro’s Cold Brew

Not to be one to turn down a coffee flavor, I thought I would jump right into this one.  Despite the obvious attention at Vape Showcase in Dallas as "World's First Cold Brew", the real MVP was this white chocolate mocha flavor.  It was so popular, it ended up winning "Best Beverage" award.  Not too... Continue Reading →


Dollar E-Juice Club

Part of the focus over the past year or so is good tasting juice at a cheaper price.  I have seen several BOGO deals on 120mls and so-called "premium juice at a fair price" operations.  Then I got a message from The Dollar E-Juice Club. Let me explain. The reason this is called "The Dollar... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: Havana from X2O Vapes

Almost immediately after getting off the plane, the overall warmth and comfort of summer started to dwindle.  Vape Showcase is done and now the weather is replaced with a rainy blanket of bitter and cold.  Yet, I wanted to try something with a little more pizzazz to liven up the mood.  Enter Havana, as part... Continue Reading →

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