Juice Review: Strawberry Waffle from Authentic

I have mentioned before in previous articles about the awesome people on Vapers TV.  This was my first win from 50hm Vapers Network, which is an amazing channel to check out.  Unfortunately, I flubbed up my response and they still gave it to me! Authentic E-juice has 3 different flavors to pick from.  This one in... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Float On by Mt. Baker Vapor

I learned a HUGE lesson in the past few days, and more people need to take this into account.  If you get a hand mixed juice, such as with Mt. Baker, you must let it steep.  Find a dark box or a drawer, hide it from sunlight, and let it sit.  Normally I go for... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: Rear Diff by Boosted

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!!  My wife and I decided to forego our usual plans for decorating our front yard and passing out candy this year.  Instead, we decided to go ghost hunting at one of our favorite locations (hopefully I can get around to doing some YouTube videos of what... Continue Reading →

Breathe by Elixir Vape

So as I mentioned before, I had a rather long talk on Instagram with Billy, the co-founder of Elixir Vape.  After about an hour, we made arrangements to get a bottle of Breathe shipped over to me overnight to try.  I mean, honestly, as a blogger you kind of need to have access to your... Continue Reading →

The feedback…

"When last we left our intrepid hero..." Guys, I feel horrible that I haven't been on for the past few days.  Three very important things were going on that kind of impeded my ability to provide honest, meaningful (eh?), and thought provoking (yeah, right) reviews.  Let's get some resolution to everything that has happened over... Continue Reading →

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