Juice Review: Unicorn from The Drip Co (Coffee Shop Edition)

Flashback to the spring of 2017, and the fine folks at Starbucks decided to release a beverage that was so far gone from coffee related.  This mix of sour and sweet looked like a unicorn did a few naughty things into a cup...which is probably why they called it a Unicorn Frappucino.  Suffice to say,... Continue Reading →


Juice Review: Punch the Clock from Overtime E-Juice

When I found out that my good friends at Overtime had something special up their sleeves, I wasn't expecting this.  Once they took a few other "local" favorites and released them online, the curiosity immediately took off.  This one in particular has been on the tips of everyone's tongue and has surpassed the initial buzz... Continue Reading →

Juice Review: Penelope Peach from 50 Shades of Custard

The seductive ladies snuck into my tank yet again.  This beauty, called Penelope Peach, is unlike any peach flavor you have tried before.  And...well let me just explain. "Our insatiable custard captures exquisitely ripened mellow Georgia peaches into its full-bodied creamy clutches to produce this delectable recipe." Packaging: This bottle features more of the domineering approach... Continue Reading →

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