My Story

I started this website in August of 2015 with the intention to share my experiences in the vaping world.  Part of this was due to the sheer fascination of the wide array of flavors, but the other part was to create a catalog to help my wife quit smoking as well (it’s still an ongoing battle).  I started vaping just a few months prior as a preventative measure to some medical treatments I was about to receive.  The treatments put me at a very high risk of heart attack and stroke…and smoking nearly tripled that risk even at my age.

My Philosophy

Too many people focus on themselves or creating a persona that’s not indicative of the products they are representing.  I see a lot of people who post a random picture and somehow relate it to a product that’s not even in the photo, or that make it a very small part of a much larger picture.  My job is to focus solely on the products themselves.  You will rarely see my face and will only mainly see the product in as close of a detail as I can provide.  Each article is designed to give as much detail as I possibly can to the reader so they can make the choice themselves.  No tricks, no gimmicks, no purchased opinions.  These are my thoughts and my words, and I am sharing them with you guys!

But Why the Affiliate Links?

Some of the articles will have links listed to purchase a product, where I will receive a small portion of the final sale.  As much as I didn’t want to do this, I did it for two reasons.  One, I wanted to be able to continue purchasing interesting products to share with you guys and to keep fresh content on the website.  And two, operation costs on this website are not cheap.  I try to keep the cost to a minimum but I would love to see it grow.  My articles are always 100% honest with my experience and are not designed to sway you towards a particular product.

Why CoffeeFuel??

I get this question a lot.  Talk to anybody who has ever smoked and they will tell you their favorite drink to go along with it is a cup of coffee.  Coffee and cigarettes are a top combination among smokers, but…we quit smoking.  That comfort is no longer there.  This is a reminder to myself that there are other things to lean on for comfort and to make the day a little tastier.  It seems silly, but it’s just something that I can relate to better.