DSRT from Apollo E-Cigs

The DSRT line from Apollo E-cigs is designed to capture all aspects of the tastiest of dessert flavors.  Whether it’s a pastry, milkshake, ice cream…whatever.  These guys have poured their skilled craftsmanship into each one of these flavors and created something unique as a brand as well as a juice lineup.

Click each one of the links listed below if you want to read more about these flavors.  You can also click the banner to purchase these, and be sure to use the code “coffeefuel15” to save 15% off your order!


Sugar Cookie Sandwich: This has a few subtle key elements that set it apart from other “vanilla ice cream” flavors.  One is the absence of vanilla bean.  What I mean by that is vanilla bean tends to linger on the taste buds for a great deal of time.  This still maintains that vanilla flavor but tends to stop short.  That’s due in part to the buttery sugar cookie that serves as a border to sort of finish off the vape flavor.  The flavor selection may seem a bit bland, but this one is surprising to me on how tasty it can be.

Strawberry Cream Cannoli: I can’t say I have ever tried a strawberry cream cannoli, so the authenticity could be in question on this one.  The tangy cream center mixes quite well with a sweeter strawberry flavor.  The strawberry isn’t a candy by any means, leaning more towards a fresh strawberry flavor.  You can’t really taste the baked pastry part either (but I would imagine if this were the real thing, the flavor would be pretty intense to where you wouldn’t really notice it either).

Cinnamon Roll: So the key with this is the balance between cinnamon and sugar.  Thankfully this comes across as a relatively sweet flavor with just a hint of cinnamon underneath.  A perfect blend of sweet and spicy that tends to meld really well together.  One of the major reluctant factors for me was the throat hit, given that I received a 6mg instead of a 3.  Perhaps this caused the slightly peppery throat hit or perhaps this is part of the flavor (some other flavors in the line had a faint throat hit but not quite this heavy).  All in all I think aside from that detail, this does an incredible job of blending the two extremes into a wonderful flavor.

Raspberry Cheesecake: Raspberry is something that can easily get out of hand if the recipe gets too heavy handed.  Thankfully the raspberry plays well with the tangy cheesecake flavoring, creating a tart and sweet mixed with savory cheesecake blend.  The graham crust may be faintly in the background, though, serving as a subtle base to this bottle that you might miss if you blink too hard.

Mint Chip Milkshake: The mint ice cream with bits of chocolate chip was pretty apparent on this, with the mint not being too pungent or overly sweet.  Cooling sensation was just subtle enough to give that ice cream flavor without being full on menthol or koolada.  Slap on some claptons and let this puppy run at high wattage, because the flavor tends to run better on more flavorful builds.

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