Indulge from VapeStorm

This may or may not come as a complete shock to you guys…but I love coffee.  Not only do I love coffee, but I love coffee flavored things.  Espresso beans covered in chocolate, coffee flavored canned energy drinks, all of it!  But when it comes to coffee flavored vapes, that becomes a bit of a challenge.

VapeStorm reworked their branding and labels, taking what was originally called “Illusion” and has redubbed it “Indulge“.  The website describes it like this:

“New look, same great taste!  This award winning creamy cappuccino took Best in Show at Summit for coffee flavors”

Packaging: The updated look now features an eyecatching grey and white image with the “all knowing” eye centered atop the VapeStorm logo and the flavor name.  All of this sits mightily above the FDA warning bar across the bottom.

Flavor:  I hate to spoil the secret here, but if this is the same flavor as Illusion once was, the secret is rich, black coffee mixed with custard.  You would think that the custard would clash with the coffee, but what it actually does is helps to bring out the deep vibrant flavor notes.  This isn’t a coffee vape bogged down with sweetener and other flavor-poppers.  The custard adds a slight sweetness and a slight bit of spicy that hits the corners of your mouth.  To me, this is what a carefully crafted cup of coffee should taste like…even if it’s in a vape.

Cloud Production: This is as Max as Max VG comes.  85/15 with incredible cloud production!!

Nicotine Level: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 100ml

If you guys want to pick this up, check out Known Distro.  Their incredibly unique flavors are unlike anything you’ll find across the internet.  Feel free to mention my website when you place your order!

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