Chocolate Mousse Day!

That’s Mousse…not mouse.  Chocolate mouse day would just be weird…

Whether it’s a topping on a slice of cake or pie, or scooped into a delivery dish of your choice, chocolate mousse is one of those things that you don’t consider craving but LOVE when it shows up!!  And while there aren’t many chocolate mousse flavors out there…I thought I would bring you guys my top 5 chocolate flavors

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    • Witch Doctor
Witch DoctorThe perfect blend of milk chocolate and tobacco. Rich and full-bodied enough for tobacco snobs, yet sweet enough for people who don’t normally vape tobacco flavors. Witch Doctor is considered all over the US as the best sweet tobacco eliquid on the market.

Use the code “coffeefuel82” to save 20% off your order!

    • Mint Chocolate Milkshake
Mint Chip MilkshakeVanilla bean ice cream gets turned up with chocolate chips and a tasty dose of fresh mint to bring you the perfect milkshake
  • Frosty Sprinkles
Frosty SprinklesThere’s nothing like the strong taste of a deep mocha on a cold day.  But when you add peppermint to it, it takes flavor to an entirely new level.  Frosty Sprinkles is the boss of chocolaty, mocha vape juices and will certainly expand your palate to enjoy those deep notes of mocha and lighten up with peppermint. 
    • Golden Ticket
Golden TicketRich, creamy, chocolate milk, as accurate as they come. Some boxes may contain a golden ticket. If you receive one, please follow the instructions on the ticket to claim your prize!
    • OMG
OMG – DRC Private Stock is a line brought to you by Detroit Rock Candy, we took some of the flavors we have been mixing for ourselves only and decided to release them for everyone to enjoy.  This flavor is called OMG because when you taste it you say “Oh MY Goodness!”  OMG is a smore vanilla ice cream, topped with sugar cookie and oreo crumble drizzled with peanut butter on top.

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