OMG from Detroit Rock Candy

If you are like me and have a rich and savory flavor profile, you know that sometimes it’s hard to find something that fully satisfies your pallet.  Flavors aren’t sweet enough, rich enough, and definitely aren’t fulfilling enough.  That’s where this one steps in, called OMG from Detroit Rock Candy.

“DRC Private Stock is a line brought to you by Detroit Rock Candy, we took some of the flavors we have been mixing for ourselves only and decided to release them for everyone to enjoy.  This flavor is called OMG because when you taste it you say “Oh MY Goodness!”  OMG is a smore vanilla ice cream, topped with sugar cookie and oreo crumble drizzled with peanut butter on top.”

Packaging: The labels went through a bit of a refresher, with the Private Stock logo now in an old fashioned font and border, with the flavor name across the bottom.

Flavor: The complexity of this underestimates any expectations.  Smores, sugar cookie, vanilla ice cream, oreo crumble.  That blend of rich and savory dessert flavors simply enhances the experience.  Whenever I take a draw, I taste more chocolate but this changes occasionally to where I can taste the different layers of taste.  The exhale is majorly peanut butter but again sprinkled with some of the other flavors as well.   You would expect these to be super sweet flavors.  Instead, Detroit Rock Candy relies more on the depth of flavor to create something that is surely one of a kind….

Cloud Production: …that’s not to say that this doesn’t have quite a bit of sweet flavors.  This does quite a number on your cotton, but it’s not instantaneous.  Even with the darker hue, this seems to last a fair amount before the need to change cotton.  As such, I would strongly recommend busting out your favorite RDA, set up some complex wire build, and give this a try.  This 80VG/20PG blend has some pretty incredible cloud production to accompany the insane flavor combination.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 60ml

Final Thoughts: As I said in the beginning, this is one of those flavors that I like to lean on when my cravings just want savory.  Very few flavors can fulfill that taste, and this one definitely achieves that.

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