Juice Review: Mint Chip Milkshake from DSRT

The dog days of summer are starting to fade away, and that means a lot of the simple treats you have grown to appreciate during the hotter days of the year will be put to rest very soon.  However, you can still enjoy several of these during the next few weeks while it’s still pretty warm.  Key of which is this one called “Mint Chip Milkshake” from DSRT.

“Vanilla bean ice cream gets turned up with chocolate chips and a tasty dose of fresh mint to bring you the perfect milkshake”

Packaging: This white bottle has a simple black checkerboard-ish design with a large green circle in the middle, giving the impression even more of a mint chocolate chip flavor. The nicotine strength, bottle size, and “Made in California” adorn the bottom of the label.  The left side features a wide array of warnings while the right side lists ingredients, made in the USA, and a unique peanut allergy warning that I haven’t seen before on a vape.

Flavor: The mint ice cream with bits of chocolate chip was pretty apparent on this, with the mint not being too pungent or overly sweet.  Cooling sensation was just subtle enough to give that ice cream flavor without being full on menthol or koolada.  Slap on some claptons and let this puppy run at high wattage, because the flavor tends to run better on more flavorful builds.

Cloud Production: The reason this didn’t do well in a tank is because of the 80VG/20PG blend.  This Max VG mix is made specifically with a dripper in mind, and the clouds are to boot.  Full volume and good form.  The only complaint I would have is that this doesn’t really maintain clean coils and cotton, but honestly it’s to be expected.

Bottle Size: 60ml and 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

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