Strawberry Cream Cannoli from DSRT

If there is one elusive bandit across all of the vaping flavors that creates a line that divides opinions, it’s most definitely the cannoli flavor.  Plain?  With chocolate?  With fruit?  Just like the dessert, there is an endless amount of options on this delectable treat.  The fine folks at Apollo E-cigs decided to take this on in one of their DSRT line options, simply called “Strawberry Cream Cannoli”

“A delightful, deep fried sweet and creamy pastry glazed with delicious strawberries straight from the old country.”

Packaging: This starts off like every other DSRT flavor, with the logo set against a black and white background.  The picture in the center is a closeup of a strawberry (hope you don’t have trypophobia).  The bottom of the bottle shows the flavor name, bottle size, and nic strength.  Far left side shows all relevant warnings while the far right side shows ingredients and Apollo E-cigs information.

Flavor: I can’t say I have ever tried a strawberry cream cannoli, so the authenticity could be in question on this one.  The tangy cream center mixes quite well with a sweeter strawberry flavor.  The strawberry isn’t a candy by any means, leaning more towards a fresh strawberry flavor.  You can’t really taste the baked pastry part either (but I would imagine if this were the real thing, the flavor would be pretty intense to where you wouldn’t really notice it either).

Cloud Production: Pretty decent cloud production.  Nothing fancy or overwhelming.  Your cotton might get a little gunky too.  My RDA actually got pretty significant buildup while the cotton just seemed discolored…just a FYI.  70/30 blend

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: This sweet and tasty treat might not be a top favorite for cannoli aficionados, but if you are a strawberry fan and are looking for something a little different to change your pallet, this might be for you.

If you want to check this out, click the banner below and use the code “coffeefuel15” to save 15% off your order (and to support this website!)


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