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If this is your first time at, let me start off by saying “Hi”.  My name is Greg and I have been blogging on this site for the past three years.  I have spent the last three years writing about juice and sharing stories with people about the wonderful things going on in the world of vaping (trust me, it’s not always doom and gloom).  I started writing for VAPUN magazine just over a year ago and have utilized that to challenge my content further.  I write a few columns there, including the Hot Topics and Beginner’s Corner.  This challenges me to write better content for you guys on a more consistent basis.

There are a lot of lessons I have learned over the course of doing this website.  The first major one is the fact that I have pigeonholed myself and my content by how I decided to format my page.  While juice reviews are helpful, I want to provide more and better content to keep you guys coming back.  I want this to be more involved in your daily lives for news as well as money saving sales and coupon codes, and also better knowledge of what you’re purchasing.  I also want to continue to share stories about the community with you guys.

The industry itself has also changed with the brands that are available, the packaging, and other little nuances that add up to make a “review” page like mine need to update with the times.  I want to provide a more accurate portrayal of what’s on the market as well as discuss things going on behind the scenes.

So here’s a few new things I’m adding to share with you guys

  • Weekly Interviews – Whether it’s an important political figure, a renowned celebrity, juice manufacturer, or even a shop owner, these stories deserve to be told.  Each week I will feature an interview with someone who’s story should be heard.
  • Brands You Should Follow – Beyond just telling you about the products, I want to share companies that have something worth sharing.  Whether it’s a business philosophy or a personal story, these guys should get an extra set of eyes from everyone.
  • Hardware of the Week – Not only will I be sharing with you guys some technical specs on hardware but also giving it a thorough run for one week with any good and bad notes on how it worked for me.
  • Flavor of the Day – My focus in the past has been on individual flavors and how they’re packaged, the flavor, cloud production, etc.  I may not be as detailed as some reviewers are, but I will be giving you my 100 percent honest feedback on each bottle and how it’s presented.  I will be updating previous articles with up to date graphics on what these bottles currently look like.  I’m also including links to a few places online where you can get these at a pretty decent price (while also supporting this website at the same time!)
  • Follow Friday – Follow Friday is something that has existed on social media for a long time and I thought I would keep it going.  Stellar content, incredible personalities and talent…and I’m asking that you check out their pages and give them a follow.


Of course these are also going to be included with other articles throughout the week as well as the sales and coupon codes I have been providing for you guys.

Please make sure to like and share this page whenever you find something that you enjoy.  You can also sign up for the newsletter and be notified as soon as these changes go live.  Then you will continue to get this incredible content delivered to your inbox every single day!

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