MOJO MONDAY: Classic Tobacco from Mojo Vape Pods

The first time you considered vaping, you were probably turned off at the idea.  Purchase a big mod plus batteries, juice, tank…and let’s not even get into the coils.  What if there was a simple device just to curb the nicotine cravings without having to spend over $100 at once.  That’s where Mojo comes into play.

These tiny devices are designed to be easy to use, whether you’re an experienced vaper or just looking for a change away from cigarettes.  Open the box, rip open the bag, remove the protective stickers, and start vaping.  When it’s done, you recycle the device and go with a new one.

The hardest choice for a converting smoker is whether or not to go with a tobacco flavor.  This little black device, simply called “Classic Tobacco”, goes for a rich and robust tobacco flavor.  If you are looking for full flavor in a non-combustible format, this might be the one for you.

Each device has 5% nicotine, which equals out to roughly one pack of cigarettes.  With a 240mAh battery, there’s just enough juice to last throughout the day.  No recharge, no flimsy cords.  Just open, vape, recycle.

Use the banner below to check out Mojo Disposable E-cig.  Check out the “How to Recycle” link to find out where you can take this when you’re done (and perhaps some of your used Lithium Ion batteries as well).  Use the code “VCHEAP” for 20% off and support this website at the same time!

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