FREE JUICE (and more from Valiant Vapes!)

Maybe “FREE” isn’t 100 percent accurate, but who doesn’t like extra juice with their orders?? Spend $29.99 on an order and you’ll get a 3mg bottle of BOND tossed in with your order!

This is described as dragon fruit kiwi strawberry ejuice with a cool sensation when you vape it! If you have never tried Savage juice before, you don’t know what you’re missing out on…

Fuji Apple Fruit mix, Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie, Raspberry Cream Cake…(or Strawberry Cream Cake, if you prefer). These are just a few examples the V’s Supply brand, and you can save $4 off a bottle by clicking the link below.
$4 off V’s Supply eJuice

Lastly, why worry yourself with constantly reordering juice? Let ValiantVapes handle it, with their subscription service! Customize your box, enter the code “CRATE1” and save big!  Click the banner below to order.
Order the Savage Box and save on monthly deliveries of eJuice!


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