VapeWild AF

Are you interested in making your experience easier when shopping online? VapeWild now offers a membership service that offers customers exclusive incentives. ​For $49.99 annually, VapeWild is now offering the  following perks:

  • One Year of Membership
  • Free Shipping on All Orders
  • Automatic 5% Discount on all VapeWild E-Liquid
  • Exclusive Hardware and Premium E-Liquid Discounts
  • Members Only Flash Sales

Shopping for e-liquid online is hard. VapeWild came up with a simple solution to help you save time, money and  frustration.​ We believe that your need for an easy vape shop experience is offered at began with a dream to see people transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. With only a handful of flavors, a few good men gave their dream a chance. They gave their flavors to friends, family, and people willing to try vaping. Since that time back in 2014, has grown to challenge the typical, outgrow the traditional, and challenge the same old nicotine delivery. VapeWild AF is your way to be a part of a personal challenge. Here is what you can expect.

What Is VapeWild AF?

VapeWild AF is an exclusive service to members. VapeWild AF’s members enjoy year-long simplicity with one low payment that covers an entire year.
Why You Should Be A Member.

As a VapeWild AF Member, you receive an automatic discount to all VapeWIld vape juice. Each and every VapeWild E-Liquid you see is automatically 5% less than retail all year long. This discount grows with each concurrent year of membership by 1% until you maximize your savings of 10%. We are here to serve your preferences. If you are convinced you would like to subscribe, ​join now.
VapeWild AF membership gives you free shipping on every order placed, no matter the order size. If you would like to simply try a new vape juice that sounds good, order it with your 5-10% discount and enjoy the simplicity of free USPS Priority shipping, each and every time you order.

Your VapeWild AF membership gives you exclusive access to a selection of our vaulted e-liquid. Vaulted VapeWild e-liquid includes flavors that are only offered for a limited time to the public, your membership gives you consistent access to our vaulted flavors all year. One low fee grants you exclusive access.​ ​Purchase your membership now.
Along with these incentives, your membership also comes with members-only sales for the duration of your subscription. Whether you are in the market for a new vape mod, tank, exclusive product, etc, as a club member, these sales are yours.

What Is The Cost?

A yearlong membership to VapeWild AF is only $49.99! That means 365 days of free shipping, exclusive flavors  and sales, and discounts that grow with your membership. The wait is over – get VapeWild AF today!
It is too easy to sign up for membership. ​Gain access today!

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