Juice Review: Hallowed Bean from D’nish Vapor Brands

“Oh PSL season…Hallowed Bean thy name…” – The Book of RD

Okay, so maybe that’s not how it ACTUALLY happened.  But the fine folks at D’nish Vapor Brands put their best foot forward into a little bottle that quickly became the cornerstone of the great Pumpkin Wars (and this year’s Pumpkin Wars 2).  This little bottle is the epitome of all October trips to the grocery store, complete with a RedBox trip with your favorite haunted movie.  I am, of course, talking about the dreaded Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Packaging: This little bottle starts in a spooky yard with trees against a dim moonlit background.  The Hallowed Bean logo casts like something straight out of a 1950’s sci-fi movie.  The nicotine warning is cast against a pumpkin shadow in the lower corner.  Below that is the even scarier nicotine warning, courtesy of the Great Pumpkin themselves….the FDA.  The far backside of the bottle has the return of the nicotine warning (dun dun dunnnnn!!) along with bottle size, PG/VG ratio, ingredients, manufacturing info, and nicotine strength again in case you missed it earlier.

Flavor: Love it or hate it, the PSL has its unique characteristics that are unmistakable in a lineup of pumpkin flavors.  The throat hit is mildly in the background and greatly resembles a concoction from your favorite barista (or least favorite, I won’t judge).  The pumpkin flavor is nice and creamy without being too heavy on the ginger, cinnamon, or nutmeg spice that’s usually tossed in with pumpkin pie flavors.  Don’t expect much of a latte flavor from this one, because it’s also probably the least latte flavor at Starbucks either.  In short, this little unicorn tastes EXACTLY like the freaking Pumpkin Spice Latte that you either love, loathe, or hate.

Cloud Production: This 70/30 bottle has just enough cloud production to cast a thick mist to add to the ambiance of the season.  Not enough to dominate a cloud comp, but not weak enough for the great disappearing act either.  Unfortunately, the cotton does take a bit of a beating on this one.  Of course it’s to be expected with this flavor selection.

Bottle Size: 60ml unicorn

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: It’s hard to toss my vote in to the Pumpkin Wars this year, but this has some definite contention in the battle.  Great flavor presence, achieving exactly what they said.  This tastes just like the drink…just without the satellite radio humming tunes over your head among steam and clanking drinkware.  Well done, guys!

Be sure to stock up by clicking the link and checking out Dnish’s website!

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