VapeFam Apparel

Maybe you haven’t noticed the link in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Maybe you’re thinking to yourself that “I’ve got enough vape t-shirts….why would I want more??”  Well….

The VapeFam apparel website features a ton of really awesome wearable and usable items.  Backpacks, hats, t-shirts (made with Instagram shots from people just like you), as well as phone cases, coffee mugs, and more!!  I have two of the coffee mugs personally, and I use them every single day (they are dishwasher safe….so BONUS!!)  Other items will soon be added to the page, like mods, juice, and other vaping items as well.

The even better part about this is that money from every purchase goes to help people in our community in need.  There is a “Relief program” in place to help others in our community.  This is an unprecedented move that I haven’t seen from any other company in the past (at least not quite to this scale!)

Check out  Use the code “COFFEEFUEL82” to save 20% off your order and be sure to share this amazing cause with others!


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