Milk Plus from Banzai Vapors

A Clockwork Orange.  A classic to many film buffs, including myself.  Quite possibly one of Kubrick’s best works.  In the film, there is a drink called the “Moloko Plus”.  It is a concoction comprising of milk plus drugs, including some barbituates.  The main characters drank it as a way to prepare themselves for the mayhem about to ensue.  Moloko actually comes from the Nadsat word that translates to “Milk Plus”.


I got this as part of a birthday present from my very good friend Mitch (aka East Bay Vaper).  The whole line from Banzai Vapors pays homage to classic pieces of cinematic art, which you will see in future reviews.

Here is what the website listed as the flavor:

“Having trouble making up your rassoodock on which flavor to try next? This milky caramel confection is sure to sharpen you up and get you ready for a bit of the ol’ ultra-vapor. You’ll be cured, all right!”

Presentation: The graphic on the front of the bottle is a play on the Clockwork Orange logo on both the book and the movie posters.  The orange and black with block white letters has a vintage throwback that is unmistakable.  Below that is the always lurking FDA required nicotine warning label.  The left side of the label includes product warnings about nicotine, the Prop 65 warning from California, and the ingredients.  Two notes about this struck me as unusual.  The first is the fact that the nicotine warning included a statement about only being used in a “regulated personal vaporizer”.  Something tells me that I wish more people used that phrase instead of “ENDS” or “PENS”.  The other thing that struck me as odd is the chemical composition of Vegetable Glycerin (C3H8O3), Nicotine (C10H14N2), and Propylene Glycol (C3H8O2).

The right side of the label indicates PG/VG level, Nicotine Strength, “Shake Well Before Use”, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube graphics, and a QR code that takes you to the Banzai website.

Flavor: So this is listed essentially as a “caramel milk” blend.  I mentioned this when describing the flavors on my show and I stand by it.  To me this gave off a muted Cinnamon Toast Crunch type flavor.  What I mean by that is this.  The caramel is not consistent with the overly sweet monotone nature that you’re used to with most caramel based vapes.  I see more of a blend of a few different caramel type flavors, possibly with some cinnamon mixed in for flavor.

The milky undertones are unmistakable in this.  It doesn’t overtake or undercut the flavor notes.  To me, it blends damn near perfectly with everything that went into this bottle.  Once or twice, my taste buds got a little tired from the flavor (which I will get into in a second).  All in all, though, I would highly recommend this as an all-day-vape…

Cloud Production: …however, don’t be surprised if you have to change your cotton quite a bit.  Caramel comes from sugar.  Sugar is made from carbon, and carbon at high wattages tend to gunk pretty easily.  That flavor seemed to get muted pretty quickly once the cotton started to turn.

80VG/20PG, this is highly recommended for a RDA.  It’s easier to maintain your cotton this way, and the cloud production really gets a chance to shine.  I was pretty impressed with the cloud production on this.  Full dense clouds that don’t dissipate too quickly.  All of you cloud chasers out there shouldn’t be disappointed with this one.

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

Bottle Size: 60ml unicorn

If you guys follow the link here, you will save 20% off your order with Banzai Vapors. You can also use the code “2U” to get the same discount. Use it to check out this and some of the other awesome juice on their site!


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