Juice Review: Pumpkin Pie from Mama’s E-liquid


The leaves are falling, it’s getting darker a little quicker, and it’s getting cooler outside (unless you live in North Carolina…then it can’t happen quick enough!!)  Regardless, the signs of the holidays are fast approaching including the rereleases of several “seasonal” blends.  This one in particular stands out to me since I know the kind of quality to expect from Mama’s E-liquid.

“Just the right amount of pumpkin, cinnamon, and a hint of nutmeg, that’s baked to perfection with a soft and flaky crust. Pumpkin pie that’ll keep you coming back every time. “

Packaging: This label starts off with a flannel colored label background, with the Mama’s E-liquid logo looming above the flavor description “Mama’s fall favorite.  Pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg baked to perfection with a soft flaky crust.”  Below that is the always distracting nicotine warning label (way to go FDA!)  The far left side shows warnings (including Prop 65) and ingredients while the right side features the return of the nicotine warning label (waitadaggumminute…) and the bottle size/nic strength.

Flavor: It’s been a couple years since I tried a pumpkin flavored vape.   I really wasn’t anticipating what I had experienced, which was a massive flavor punch in my RDA.  Tons of cinnamon and nutmeg that hit hard with a not quite as heavy pumpkin flavor.  It took me a little while to process what I had experienced with my dripper.  In a tank, though, this flavor truly shines.  Fantastic flavor profile with a creamy pumpkin baked by proper use of the spices as ingredients and not central key flavors.  I got a little bit of the crust flavor on the tail end but all in all this really gave the impression of a slice of pumpkin pie.  I would recommend you guys prepare yourself though.  This flavor burst is pretty intense when you first try it!

Cloud Production: 70/30 blend with not super impressive clouds.  This is a flavor designed to help people quit smoking, not to win cloud comps!!  My cotton actually held up pretty well on this one as well!

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

Final Thoughts: Happy Halloween!!  To me, this is the perfect catalyst to a flavorful season filled with pumpkins and desserts and everything you could imagine at the dessert table at your family gatherings.  The performance really shines on this in a tank and I honestly couldn’t put it down (no matter how hard I tried!)

Check out mamaseliquid.com and pick yourself up a bottle.  Be sure to let them know you read about their flavor at coffeefuel.net!


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