Banzai Vapors

Without a doubt, one of the originators to vaping as we know it is a little company out of California called Banzai Vapors.  These guys have been vital to the innovation of marketing on their products, including an originals line that serves as a nod to top movies over the last 100 years (Jaws, The Dark Knight, Clockwork Orange, just to name a few).

Their flavor selection has also been top notch.  Below is just a sampling of some of the flavors offered on the site (keep reading for more info on how to save some cash!)

  • Fizzy Vape – a line of soda based flavors including a Root Beer Float
  • Cake Shoppe – The original Pound It flavor (a lemon pound cake)
  • Tia’s Cloud Kiss – Strawberry Cake Batter created by fans of YouTube reviewer TiaVapes
  • Sherbet Creamery – A rainbow sherbet flavor
  • Really Good Juice Co – a wide range of flavors designed to help new vapers switch without being overwhelmed by complex flavor profiles.
  • The Tobacco Box – just as they said.  Tobacco flavors
  • Banzai Originals – The original lineup (several of which I have written on including Milk Plus and Never Say Pie
  • Sample Packs/Hardware/more!

If you guys want to give this a go, head over to and use the discount code “2U” to save 20% off your order!!  While you’re at it, let them know in the comments you found out about them from!


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