Juice Review: Mochaccino from The Grind

Coffee, coffee, coffee.  That’s the plan behind The Grind, a juice line available from Vibleo.  This unique lineup of every popular type of Starbucks-esque drinks has definitely caused a storm lately, bringing a new level to coffee flavored eliquid that has, until now, been virtually untouched.

The first in my series of reviews is a little something called “Mochaccino”, simple described as “The Grind Mochaccino pairs coffee and chocolate in sweet harmony. A blend of decadent chocolate and robust espresso melt together in smooth and creamy steamed milk. This juice is for the hustlers out there always on The Grind. A coffee e-liquid lineup like no other!”

Packaging: This little bottle (and I use that term loosely…) starts off with a brown carton with The Grind logo followed by the flavor name, nic strength, and bottle size at the bottom.  The far left side shows the saying “What happens when a blend of decadent chocolate and robust espresso melt together in smooth and creamy steamed milk?”  The right side shows “The Grind shares a high quality blend of bold, rich roasted coffee beans with the highest quality of e-liquid vape juice, ensuring a quality vape everytime.” followed by the ingredients list.  The very back of the carton shows warnings, including the Prop 65 warning.  Bottle size, VG/PG ratio, and a huge nicotine warning at the bottom.

Flavor: One of the biggest complains about coffee flavors is that all-to-familiar burnt hair taste, which often turns a lot of people off from coffee flavors.  That taste is virtually non-existent in this bottle, instead featuring a rich and sweet chocolate flavor mixed with a slight undertone of espresso.  This is not the powdery chocolate flavor I have tasted elsewhere.  No, this is definitely a rich and creamy chocolate flavor that has more taste than almost any other chocolate flavor I have tried elsewhere.

Cloud Production: Unfortunately this rich flavor comes at a price, completely annihilating your cotton almost from the get-go.  If you are a builder, this might be just a little frustrating.  However if you run this in a tank, it might hit your wallet a little harder with replacement coils (so be prepared).  This 70/30 blend does boast some pretty decent cloud production to couple with the incredible flavor profile.

Bottle Size: 100ml chubby gorilla bottle

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: This was the first flavor I grabbed out of the lineup, instantly intrigued by the chocolate and coffee flavor with the hopes that this bottle would prove wrong any transgressions I had with the flavor profile.  It definitely did, giving a solid flavor presentation that is definitely unlike anything I had tried before.  It’s high quality and very well manufactured.  Just be sure to bring an extra wick with you when you try it.

If you guys want to give this a go, head over to Vibleo and pick up a bottle.  The price tag here is a bit high at $29.99, but you do get free shipping.  You can also find it at Breazy for a slightly cheaper price (and you’ll also be supporting this website if you use that link!)

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