Juice Review: Sugary Graham Cracker from Emergency Vape Stash

“If you had just one flavor to vape, what would it be?

If you had to ask yourself the question above, how would you respond?  Some would heavily rely on strawberry, while others might lean on candy vapes.  For me, I always go for the rich and savory flavors.  The dessert flavors that would cap off a nice meal like a cigarette would when I was a smoker.  The idea of having a bottle of “Sugary Graham Cracker” seemed like it could fit the bill but the name came across to me somewhat bland, like I would want a little something extra with it…

But then I tried it….

“Homemade buttery graham cracker pie crust, dusted with cinnamon and sugar”

Packaging: This starts off like the other “Emergency Vape Stash” flavors, with a bright red and white label and stenciled font.  Emergency Vape Stash adorns the top of the label with the flavor name at the bottom.  Sandwiched between those is the nicotine strength in the center, bottle size on the left (in milliliters) and the bottle size in fluid ounces on the right (4 fl oz, in case you were curious). The far bottom border shows Instagram and Facebook accounts.  The far left side of the bottle shows all relevant warnings and ingredients.

Flavor: This massive bottle features a sweeter graham cracker, that’s true.  Cinnamon and sugar?  Done and done.  The interesting part to this is the slight hint of chocolate mixed in.  Is this my mind playing tricks on me?  Possibly.  Almost like I am wanting this to become a light and flavorful s’mores flavor.  Regardless, this has a surprisingly huge amount of flavor for such a simple description.  I guess if you were to rely on this one “in case of emergency”, you would want something that entertains your taste buds.  This one definitely fits the bill.

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend produces some surprisingly large clouds and the volume definitely lingered a lot longer than I expected.  My cotton took a few kicks but didn’t gunk up nearly as quickly as I had expected.

Bottle Size: 120ml (because….why not?!)

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Final Thoughts: This sweet bottle surprised me on how tasty this ended up being.  The entire line comprises of flavors that don’t cross over into super complex while still maintaining a tasty concoction.  Whether you rely on this or another bottle, this is surely something worth keeping set to the side in case you need it…or even better as an All-Day-Vape.

If you guys want to pick this up, you can head over to myvapebar.com.  Be sure to tell them that Coffeefuel sent you.


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