Juice Review: Entropy from Sicboy


  1. a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system.
  2. lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.

If you follow the guys at Sicboy, you’ll notice little hints of things being refined and perfected.  Such is the case with Entropy, a flavor that’s part of their “Private Reserve” line.  When I got a whiff of this at Vape Showcase in Dallas in November, I was nothing short of blown back at the amount of blueberry in just the aroma alone.

Then I bought a bottle.  And man oh man….

“Didn’t think Sicboy could get any… Sic-er? Then you haven’t tried Entropy, the first flavor of the Sicboy Private Reserve line, also known as the finest blueberry e-liquid ever created. Why is it the best ever? It starts with a truly premium, naturally-extracted blueberry, combined with a blend of creams and bakery notes. Add a little Sicboy magic sauce, and you’ve got Entropy, a flavor that’s as truly remarkable as the inevitable heat death of the universe.”

Packaging: This glass bottle starts off with the familiar Sicboy logo followed by a supernatural font listing “Entropy” against a dark planet with some physics lines and a subtle moon in the lower right corner.  The description on the bottom lists “Creamy Blueberry Dessert”.  The far left side shows Prop 65, ingredients, information on the Sicboy company, and a big fat Nicotine Warning label (thanks FDA….).  The far right simply lists bottle size and nic strength.

Flavor: I mentioned before about the blueberry aroma but I think it’s important to mention the milky tones mixed with that aroma.  This further boosts the hint of blueberries and cream in heavy quantities in this bottle (not so subtle of a hint, huh).  There is no holding back on this one, with a sweet and tangy bakery blueberry mixed with heavy cream.  The bakery notes are faint in the background, possibly giving the slightest indication of a baked blueberry donut or biscuit with a sugar cream glaze over top.  This is rich and heavy in every aspect of the word, and Sicboy held no punches back with this one.

Cloud Production: This 65/35 blend doesn’t impress too much with cloud production (although it can produce quite heavily on fresh cotton).  Your cotton may fall into disorder as well, creating a scenario of changing at least a couple of times with this bottle (your coils for your tank won’t last long either).  But let’s be honest here, you don’t choose Sicboy to win a cloud comp.  You choose it for a shitload of flavor (and here you go!)

Bottle Size: 60ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

Final Thoughts: As much as this plagued my thoughts since Vape Showcase, I had to go out and get a bottle.  And I’m glad I did!!  This has a lot of flavor behind it and has no shame in this.  While it may be ridiculously heavy for me to consistently vape all day, I could see this being a delectable treat every once in a while to mix up my rotation.

If you guys want to pick up a bottle, head over to Giant Vapes.  Click the banner below and use the code “GV10” to save 10% off your purchase (and support this website also!)


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