Juice Review: Cinnamon Crunch from Mama’s Running Late

Occasionally you run into situations where you just don’t have time to get ready.  You grab your keys, grab your vape, and head out the door.  The marketing idea behind this is sort of tongue in cheek (Mama’s Freshly Vaped i.e. spent all day making a dessert vs. “Here honey, fix yourself a bowl of cereal”) but that’s kind of the beauty behind the guys at Mama’s E-liquid.

Mama’s Running Late so grab yourself a bowl of cereal and relax until she gets home. Cinnamon Crunch cereal with sugar and cinnamon spice and everything nice.”

Packaging: This white unicorn bottle starts off very unassuming, with a white label featuring the description “You’ll be stealing handfuls of these.  Sugar and spice and everything nice”.  The flavor name is just below the Mama’s Running Late logo and the omnipotent nicotine warning underneath (thanks FDA!).  Warnings are on the left hand side of the label, including Prop 65, and also a brief list of ingredients.  The far right side shows the same nicotine warning label (I’m watching you FDA…), bottle size, nic strength, and the good ol’ Made with Love in the USA logo.

Flavor: I think it’s important to note that this says “Sugar AND cinnamon spice”.  Not cinnamon sugar.  The dance that this flavor has on my tongue is adventurous to say the lease.  Sweet sugar immediately gets overtaken by a slightly spicy cinnamon…then back to the sugar again.  It’s hard to perfectly nail the cinnamon sugar flavor for your favorite breakfast cereal, but I think these guys do a pretty incredible job.  The nicotine might be a little potent for some, providing a little extra throat hit that you might not expect.  All in all, though, this is a pretty tasty treat.

Cloud Production: This 70/30 blend features some pretty average cloud production.  Cotton might take a little bit of a hit too.

Bottle Size: 60ml unicorn

Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

Final Thoughts: While this may not win you a cloud competition, the flavor gives just enough of a sensory memory to throw you back to your childhood (or maybe even the bowl of cereal you had this morning!).  The nicotine might have a little too much of a kick for some, but this also serves its purpose quite well and that is to help keep you off of cigarettes.  Thanks Mom!


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