Juice Review: The Custard from Rollin Vapor


No two custards are the same.  Ask anyone for their favorite custard flavor, and you’re bound to come across a different answer with almost every single person.  That’s part of the beauty of this industry, to be able to have a ton of options and be able to discuss with your friends and other vapers on the perfect flavor.

For me, though, custards have to reach certain points for me to be able to qualify them as good.  I guess you could call me a Custard Snob.  Rollin Vapor decided to put theirs in the FLVR line and simply call it “The Custard”.

“The perfect cakey, rich, and creamy custard you’ve come to expect from FLVR.”

Packaging: This bottle continues like the rest of the FLVR flavors (yes, I know I repeated myself).  The “Hello My Name Is” label with “Savor the FLVR” underneath.  The far left side shows the Prop 65 warning and bottle size, while the right side shows the nicotine warning, ingredients, nic strength, etc.

Flavor: I ask three questions when it comes to custards, and surprisingly not every one of these can make the cut.  Are they creamy?  Are they rich?  Are they balanced (i.e. not too heavy or too light)?  In this case, this is definitely a creamy vape.  Smooth vibrant flavor that handles the rich factor.  But is it balanced?  I think what makes this stand out so much to me is that I can continually vape this and not feel like I had a huge dessert.  Whether it’s super hot outside or freezing cold, I can continually vape this and not have any issues with feeling too overburdened with flavor.  Well done, guys!

Cloud Production: This rich blend seems to boast a 70/30 profile that unfortunately tends to have a field day with my cotton.  Huge cloud production that lingers pretty heavily, which is nice.

Bottle Size: 15ml, 60ml, 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18mg on the larger bottles.  0, 3, 6 on the 15ml bottle size.

Final Thoughts: In a sea of custards, this is a rare commodity to me.  Smooth flavor that doesn’t overburden the taste buds.  As much as I rave about custard flavors, I very highly recommend trying this bottle!

Head over to rollinvapor.com and make sure to let them know you heard about them through CoffeeFuel.net.

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